The Story of Greenest Company: Two Days Resulted in Two Months of Meetings

The Greenest Company improves offices through nature and technology. They build and supply products that enable the office to shine and improve acoustics, air quality and mood in the team.

“We care for the quality of the environment in buildings and offices. People spend 60% of their active time indoors, but the air is up to 5x more polluted than outside. Add in problems with acoustics, temperature shifts, and dust particles. We want to live in an environment where plants become a common part of life again. That’s why we designed Space Plant – a modular self-irrigation system into modern interiors that combines design, technology and nature.” Jindřich Fialka, CEO & Lead Designer

The Greenest Company proposes, produces, and delivers products and services that measure and improve the quality of the environment. The firm has taken part in every Future Port Prague festival, so the firms representatives presented their approach to design and innovation in the office environment on our outdoor stage, knowing what to expect.

At their stand, they displayed the first Space Monitor™ that measures the quality of the indoor environment. Its a small potted coffee plant equipped with CO2, temperature, humidity, biotoxin, dust, and acoustic sensors. A standard 1,000mfloor will require about 15-20 Space Monitors to evaluate the environment over a 2-week period. The customer then receives a Space Report with specific recommendations for optimization based on real data.

Space Monitor Could have been a plain grey box, but using the combination of sensors with a living plant has 2 big advantages: people wont stick the sensors into their desk drawers during the two-week measuring period, which would invalidate the data; while the potted greenery brightens up the office space.

An Hour Was All That Was Needed

Future Port Prague was the first event where The Greenest Company presented itself, but the company left with something they hadnt expected at all. “About a half an hour after opening, managers responsible for Škoda Autos buildings stopped by and in no time we agreed to our first meeting in Mladá Boleslav. We joked that we achieved everything we needed and we could go celebrate after only an hour,” Fialka exaplined.

The firm originally wanted to present a proof of concept at Future Port Prague to test how to discuss the product and discover potential customer’s reactions. “We certainly didnt expect to have two months of business meetings scheduled after only two days, which was a very pleasant surprise,” Fialka added.

That doesnt mean they could take a break for the rest of the festival. They were in contact with over 37 potential customers and partners over 2 days, including firms like Siemens, IBM, Linet, Vodafone, and Adastra.

“After 9 months of development, participation at FPP brought us a great deal of joy. We were able to confirm two fundamental things: The quality of the environment in offices is a major topic that practically all firms have to deal with; and the reactions and support our green products receive from employees as well as management are exceptional.” Jindřich Fialka, CEO & Lead Designer