The Story of ORCAM: World’s Most Advanced Artificial Sight Device Reads Faces in Real Time

Future Port Prague welcomed more than 100 visually-impaired individuals who tested ORCAM, the most advanced artificial sight device in the world.

Sagitta Brno was created in 1993 and was among the first Czech companies to import sunglasses, frames, and optical accessories to the Czech Republic.

The company is also offering a full range of optical materials, such as special-purpose aids for the visually impaired, magnifiers for industrial production or for use in medicine or magnifying glass used in cosmetic studies.

“Future Port Prague’s accommodating approach meant more than 100 visually impaired individuals could test the ORCAM device, including those whose handicap severely limits their mobility outside their home,” Jakub Kachel, SAGITTA Ltd., s.r.o.

The sister company SAGITTA Bratislava, founded in 1991, is also producing of spectacle lenses. Today, SAGITTA Brno is one of the largest optical wholesalers in the Czech Republic with the longest tradition.

At Future Port Prague, Sagitta presented its revolutionary OrCam MyEye 2.0, which aims to improve the quality of life for the visually impaired by providing them with greater independence.

Czech solution helps visually-impaired people read and see faces in real time

The OrCam MyEye 2.0 camera is about the size of your finger and can immediately read any printed or digital text (newspapers, books, restaurant menus, logos, packaging, computer screens, or mobiles). It can recognize faces in real time and identify products, banknotes, credit cards, and other items as well. It can even read simple hand gestures.

Future Port Prague offered visually impaired individuals and their accompaniment the opportunity to participate in the festival free of charge. Sagitta was thus able to present a device that combines cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence.

“The festival offered all our end-users an ideal opportunity to try ORCAM in a new environment. We could thus gauge their reactions when using the device and offer the producer important information for further development,” Jakub Kachel, SAGITTA Ltd., s.r.o.