The Story of Nanopharma: From Expo to Prestigious Award

Nanopharma is an innovator in nanofiber-driven dermal applications. The company designs and develops application-specific drug delivery systems in forms of patches, wound covers and even cosmetic sheet masks. The fascinating spectrum of use cases utilizing one single technology has been showcased at Future Port Prague 2018.

The companys products – NanoMatrix3D®, Zero-Waste Patch and [n]fibrecare® demonstrate how a niche material originally adopted by the automotive industry can challenge the status quo across multiple healthcare and personal care segments.

Nanofibers Improve Everyday Beauty Routines

Biomimetic nanofibers are a versatile technology that can help grow tissue outside of human body, develop tissue models minimizing the need for animal trials, but also act as a soluble patch which eliminates the risk of narcotics abuse or accidental overdose. In skincare, they can adapt to consumers daily rituals, such as the very popular masking and offer a high-tech alternative to conventional product.

The award winning [n]fibrecare mask is the very first smart sheet mask combining high functionality and nearly medical precision with unprecedented yet intuitive user experience.

Future Port Prague offered the perfect platform to showcase the technology in front of industry peers as well as general public. For the first time, visitors could try the dry sheet nanofiber mask on their own skin.

From Future Port to Prestigious Award

However, giving a trade show experience wasnt the sole purpose of Nanopharmas presence. While its CEO, Liliana Berezkinova took the festival stage to take the audience on a journey of discovering innovation in daily routines, an innocent experiment was taking place in Nanopharmas booth.

Instead of marketing and business development crew, the companys engineers were invited to introduce the products and face curiosity of the visitors.

The result? Thanks to Future Port Prague, Nanopharma secured a unique outreach opportunity into several communities. First orders, new partnerships and extensive media coverage were the perfect kick off to the product launch.

Moreover, an unexpected opportunity presented itself in the course of the event. Nanopharma was introduced to a CEE start up competition by organizers visiting the FPP. Little did the company know that only a month later, [n]fibrecare will end up winning the FutureNowStartUp Awards as the first Czech company ever.

,,There is no other single event in this region that has such complex and wide-reaching impact on companies participating. Two days at Future Port Prague feel as satisfactory as a month of fruitful business development accompanied by a well-executed PR campaign,” Liliana Berezkinova, CEO of Nanopharma said.