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Sept 3, 2018:

A Third of Czechs Want to Vacation in Space, Two-Thirds Can Envision Robot Surgeons [EN]

Aug 30, 2018:

Dutzende Innovationen, smarte Technologien und tschechische Erstvorstellungen – FUTURE PORT PRAGUE führt uns für zwei Tage in die Zukunft [DE]

Dozens of Innovations, Technological Advancements, and Czech Premieres – FUTURE PORT PRAGUE is a Two-Day Festival of the Future [EN]

Aug 28, 2018:

Škoda Auto Press Release: ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is a Future Port Prague partner [EN]


Aug 22, 2018:

Czech Firms Apply Nanotechnology Breakthroughs in Sectors Such as Healthcare, Cosmetics, Fashion, and Street Lighting [EN]

Aug 21, 2018:

Unikátní workshopy zaměřené na budoucnost doprovodí festival Future Port Prague [ only]

Aug 8, 2018:

Switzerland’s Silicon Valley, Estonian Digital Citizenship, and Czech Crypto-Firsts [EN]

Jul 23, 2018:

Future Port Prague to Welcome Captain Cyborg – Kevin Warwick – The Man That Can Manipulate Items Thanks to Chips in His Body [EN]

Jul 9, 2018

Future Port Prague to Host the First VR Headset that Combines Voice Recognition with Eye and Hand Tracking [EN]

May 3, 2018:

This year’s Future Port Prague will open the question of ethics in the field of artificial intelligence, among other topics, and ask how to define the relationships between humans and machines [EN]