Founded in 2017, Future Port Prague became the largest international visionary event in the heart of Europe. It explores how exponential technologies dramatically shape our future and how to thrive in it.


At Future Port Prague, we believe in future where people are empowered not intimidated by technology. We want to let everybody “touch the future” not only through inspiring talks but as well a first-hand experience. We want to open people’s minds to see the digital transformation as a great opportunity to solve problems and create wealth – for themselves and others. We want to get future-ready.

Our 2018 guarantors

Future Port Prague program and all side activities are handcrafted with utmost care by the most influential minds in respective fields.
  • Nell Watson

    Nell Watson

    Co-founder of EthicsNet


    An engineer, entrepreneur, and futurist thinker who grew up in Northern Ireland. Nell founded Poikos (now QuantaCorp), a machine learning-driven ‘AI for body measurement’. She lectures globally on Machine Intelligence, AI philosophy, Human-Machine relations, and the Future of Human Society, serving on the Faculty of AI & Robotics at Singularity University. Linkedin
  • Scott Amyx

    Scott Amyx

    Global IoT Influencer, Singularity University Mentor


    Futurist, speaker, and author that focuses on the Internet of Things. Scott is the Chair & Managing Partner at Amyx Ventures, an active managing partner at Future of Fashion, and acts as a mentor and startup board member at Singularity University Smart City Accelerator. Scott has been nominated to the World Economic Forum as a committee member for the Future of the Internet. LinkedIn
  • Dominik Stroukal

    Dominik Stroukal

    Guarantor of Cryptocurrencies


    Are we going to pay for our groceries with cryptocurrencies in the future? Will there still be paper money in our pockets in a few years? Dominik Stroukal, the author of the first Czech book about Bitcoins, might have the answer. LinkedIn
  • Jiří Kůs

    Jiří Kůs

    Guarantor of Manufacturing


    They say the devil is in the details. Jiří Kůs believes that taming that devil by mastering nanotechnologies is the alchemy of the 21st century. LinkedIn
  • Miroslav Palát

    Miroslav Palát

    Guarantor of Healthcare


    Miroslav Palát is not only an accomplished physician with experience from the UK and Germany, but he also earned his MBA and has implemented EMEA-wide strategies for Johnson&Johnson. Since 2008, he’s been head of CzechMed, a trade association for medical device makers, and coordinates with the European-wide MedTechEurope group. LinkedIn
  • Michal Pěchouček

    Michal Pěchouček

    Guarantor of AI


    Few people in the Czech Republic know as much about artificial intelligence as Czech Technical University (ČVUT) Professor Michal Pěchouček. Alongside other startups, he also founded AgentFly Technologies, which specializes in controlling autonomous aircraft traffic. LinkedIn
  • Jan Lamser

    Jan Lamser

    Blockchain Evangelist


    Jan Lamser served in executive positions and pioneered agile banking and technology innovation for fifteen years. He is currently active at blockchain accelerator Adel and participates in innovative projects in payments, travel, and drug prevention; largely focusing on decentralized schemes. Jan is also president of the Czech Chess Federation. LinkedIn
  • Marek Polčák

    Marek Polčák

    CEO & Co-founder of VRgineers


    Marek imagined of making a VR headset with true-to-life imaging. And now his VRHero is installed in Audi’s Holodeck in Ingolstadt. That’s called working toward and realizing your goals. LinkedIn
  • Martin Hausenblas

    Martin Hausenblas

    Guarantor of Mobility


    Many people talk about sustainability, but Martin Hausenblas puts his money and his effort where his mouth is. Whether launching Litfago, founding internships for students, or as public policy maker, Martin is serious about changing society. LinkedIn
  • Štěpán Chalupa

    Štěpán Chalupa

    Guarantor of Future of Energy


    Solar and wind power receive a lot of hype, but for many the talk still doesn’t match the reality. Štěpán Chalupa, head of the Czech Chamber for Renewable Resources, believes we’ll soon see just how a decentralized energy grip will change all our lives. LinkedIn

Our philosophy is to onboard partners, experts, and luminaries who want to support that vision and lead by example.

We want to:  

    We are living in most exciting times in human history. These are living examples.


    To create a better future, we have to do it all together.


    Curate top innovative exhibitors, from startups to tech giants


    Focus on experience, interactivity, and thought-provoking examples.


Future Port Prague is organized by enthusiasts who believe Central Europe has an untapped potential to become the innovation hotbed of Europe and want to ignite it.


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